Online Property Search and Pay

General Information for Property (Ad Valorem) Taxes

  • Property (Ad Valorem) Taxes are assessed on Real and/or Business Personal Property.
  • Real property includes land and improvements. An improvement is anything that adds value to real property such as
    • house
    • garage
    • swimming pool
    • chicken house
    • barn
    • etc.
  • Business personal property refers to items which are used in any business and are movable or not permanently fixed to the land.
  • Taxes are collected retroactively, or as the title of property stood on of October 1 of previous year.
  • Courtesy tax notices are usually mailed before the October 1 due date.
    • Notices are mailed to the property owner so that all information can be verified.
    • Owners need to mail a copy of notice to their Mortgage Company if they have an escrow.
  • If you received a tax notice "In Care of" you,
    • The previous owner held title as of October 1 of previous year.
    • Your name will be listed first on next year's notice.
    • If you purchased property in the middle of the tax year, contact the closing attorney as to how your closing was handled and who is responsible for taxes.
      • Taxes are not pro-rated.
      • Total amount of taxes must be received before account can be posted.
  • Real Estate taxes become delinquent January 1.
    • Interest accrues at 1% per month.
    • Additional delinquent charges are added after January 1.
    • If your mortgage company has paid your taxes and you receive a delinquent notice, contact the mortgage company.
      • Verify parcel ID number and amounts they show as paid.
      • Verify that the payment was received and posted with the collections office.
  • Refunds - If an overpayment was made the refund is to the original payer of taxes.
  • Taxes are due October 1 and are delinquent after December 31st.

Online Property Tax Records

There are two web sites where real property data for Lee County can be accessed:

  • Flagship GIS maintains a very extensive map and aerial photo system. Point to point measurements, and the ability to zoom in on a particular parcel are possible. In addition to the map features, current year appraisal values are available. Search options include PPIN, owner name, parcel number, street, subdivision and property value.

    • Select either "Office or Home PC" or "Mobile Map"
    • After selecting an option, there is a disclaimer that must be read and agreed to. Click on "GO TO THE MAPS" if you agree to the disclaimer or "CLOSE" to leave the system.
    • If you agreed to the disclaimer, you will see several fields to enter data and a map of Lee County.
      • The best way to learn this extensive web site is to just explore it and try the various options.
      • If searching by PPIN number in Flagship, it must be padded with preceding zeros to make 6 digits. (Example: PPIN number 693 would be 000693)
      • If searching by a Lee Road address in Flagship, the road number must be padded with preceding zeros to make 4 digits and road is abbreviated Rd with no period afterwards (EX: Lee Road 23 would be Lee Rd 0023).

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