Steps after Purchasing

  1. Record your deed in the Probate Office.
    • Many new property owners often rely on the title company, real estate agent, or other representative to properly record their deed and assess their property; However, the final responsibility is still yours, as the owner, to see that all the necessary steps have been taken.
  2. File an assessment return with the Property Assessment Division.
    • Present your recorded deed for assistance in completing your assessment return. This can be done in Opelika, Auburn or Smiths Station.
    • Do this promptly after recording your deed to avoid the crowds. Due to increased customer traffic, do not wait until Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 to file your Property Assessment.
    • Failure to file an Assessment Return with the Property Assessment Division can generate a statutory penalty.
  3. Claim any exemption(s) due to you at the same time you file your Assessment Return.
    • You may qualify for an exemption if your primary residence is in Lee County.
    • Additional information on homestead is available at 
  4. Contact the Tax Collection Division to make sure taxes are current.
    • On real property (land & improvements), the buyer can be held liable for any unpaid taxes.
    • The buyer is liable for the entire year's taxes, even if that person bought the property during the year and taxes were prorated with the seller at the time of closing.
    • You are responsible for taxes on all property owned, regardless of how the tax bill is listed.
  5. Mail a copy of the Assessment Return to your mortgage company if it has agreed to pay your taxes.
    • The Property Assessment Division also has a form letter stating estimated taxes.
    • Ask for it if necessary for your mortgage company.
  6. Report any change of address to P.O. Box 999, Opelika, AL 36803.
  7. Property Taxes are due Oct. 1 of each year and become delinquent Jan. 1.
    • Make the tax bill payable to Oline W. Price, ACTA Revenue Commissioner.