Registration on Manufactured Homes

In order for a manufactured home to be registered, the purchaser must provide 

  • proof of title (2000 year model and newer) 
  • proof that sales tax has been paid
  • If applicable, the purchaser must provided an Alabama Certificate of Title Application.
  • As proof of ownership, the Revenue Office will accept:
    • Bill of Sale from Licensed Dealer.
    • Notarized Bill of Sale from an individual showing purchase price.
  • As proof of sales taxes paid, the Revenue Office will accept
    • Bill of Sale from Licensed Dealer showing Sales Tax Collected.
    • Receipt for sales tax paid to county revenue office.

    Without proof of sales taxes paid, sales taxes will be assessed and collected based on the purchase price.

    Contact our office at 334-737-3655 should you have questions about Sales Tax or applying for a Certificate of Title on a Manufactured Home.