Tag Renewal Information

Renewal in Person:

  • Please bring your courtesy reminder or a copy of the last registration with you when renewing in person.
  • The Alabama drivers license and insurance card of each owner of record is also required.
  • The best time to renew your tag in person is between the 11th and 25th of the month. 
    • Mondays and Fridays are high active days in the office, along with the first working day following holidays.
  • You may pay with credit/debit cards at the counter. You will be charged a 2.5% convenience fee plus $0.30 convenience fee. These fees goes directly to the provider.
  • Vehicles that are renewed late are subject to a $15 late fee. 
    • Vehicles not driven during the expiration/renewal month may sign a non use affidavit to avoid the penalty.
  • All ad valorem tax must be brought current regardless of use of vehicle.
  • Military Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Form from JAG office stating eligibility and home of record. We also require a copy of your current LES
  • IRP Renewals please bring your invoice billing statement 
  • Heavy weight vehicles (55,001 and above) need 2290 forms 

Attention Active Duty Personnel: 

In order to receive the military ad valorem tax exemption, you must provide a form from from JAG office stating eligibility and home of record. We also require a copy of your current LES. If you do not have the JAG form, you may come in person to sign affidavit. Please bring a current photo ID.

Attention Active Duty Spouses: 

If you cannot obtain the JAG from, you can bring in a power of attorney in order to sign the affidavit in our office. We also need a copy of spouse's current LES and a current photo ID.

Online Renewals:

  • Although this office does not recommend it, tag renewals can be made up until midnight of the last day of the month. 
    • Any system overloads or the inability to renew online does not excuse you from the late fee. 
    • Anyone renewing after the last day of the month will be charged a $15.00 penalty.
  • Decals, tags, and tag receipts will be mailed out as soon as possible after they are renewed.
  • A printable receipt will be available for proof of online payment only. Not to be used as a valid tag receipt.
  • Vehicle owner must be a resident of Lee County.
  • Online customers will be charged a 3.0% plus $0.30 convenience fee (subject to a $3.50 minimum fee) which goes directly to the online payment provider, and a mail fee of $3.00.
  • If your renewal notice or current registration has an incorrect address please contact our office.
  • A change from a regular plate to a personalized must be transacted in our office.
  • If there is problem processing your renewal, we will attempt to contact you by email Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Make sure you leave us the correct email to contact you. 
    • If we are unable to reach you we will void your registration and refund your payment. 
    • If you have questions, you may contact us at 334-737-3655.
  • Any transaction requiring an affidavit or supporting documents, please see information below.

You may renew your tags online by clicking HERE.

Online Tag Renewal - Required Supporting Documents: 

If your tag renewals involve the following, we will need supporting documents before mailing your tag to you. You may submit payment for these types of renewals online, but this office reserves the right to withhold mailing of tags and/or decals until documentation is received in this office

1. National Guard Tag: Certificate of Eligibility from Guard Unit

2. US Reserve Tag: Certificate of Eligibility from Reserve Unit

3. FOP Tag : Current Membership Card

4. Firefighter Tag: Letter from Chief stating eligibility (Paid or Volunteer)

5. Realtor Tag: The National Association of Realtors (NAR) membership card for Alabama Association of Realtors (AAR)

6. Rescue Squad Tag: Certificate signed by the treasurer of Alabama Association of Rescue Squads, Inc.

7. Amateur Radio Tag: Proof of ownership of the amateur radio or citizen’s band radio license

8. Educator Tag:

  • Active – Documentation or certification of current employment in public or private education as provided by law. Documentation must be presented annually in order to substantiate eligibility to obtain these license plates.
  • Retired – Documentation that he/she is receiving a monthly allotment as a retired education employee. Once a retired educator presents this documentation, the proof shall be valid from year to year and the retired educator is not required to resubmit proof of retirement as long as the retired educator does not move to another county.

9. Military Ad Valorem Tax Exemption: Serviceman's Special Affidavit with LES Form from JAG office stating eligibility and home of record. We also require a copy of your current LES

Renewal by Mail: 

  • A courtesy registration reminder is mailed for each vehicle that is currently registered in Lee County.
  • The reminders are mailed the first few days of each renewal month.
  • Although these courtesy reminders are mailed, it is still the responsibility of the vehicle owner to make sure the vehicle is registered and fees paid on time.
  • Before mailing, the owner of record will need to sign the notice and fill in their insurance, NAIC, and policy number information for each vehicle.
  • Late renewals cannot be handled by mail. Owner will need to come into the office the handle late registrations.
  • Military Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Form from JAG office stating eligibility and home of record. We also require a copy of your current LES